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Why American Chemical

American Chemical has humble beginnings. The company was born in founder Dennis Werneke’s garage in 1987, and has grown to occupy a 17,000 sq. ft. building. The secret to American Chemical’s growth and longevity is the team’s unwavering dedication to providing the best customer service in the market.

Our team values our customers above all else, and our success is solely dependent upon the ability to help our customers succeed by leveraging our expert adhesive knowledge and technical services. We know this philosophy works because we earn more new sales from referrals by satisfied customers than any other source.

Our dedication to our customers’ happiness is just one of the many reasons that American Chemical is the best choice for your adhesive needs:

  • We maintain a wide variety of adhesive inventory making same day rush orders easy!
  • We sell products in small sizes that you won’t find anywhere else, so testing if you need to test a product, you won’t have to break the bank to do it.
  • We offer Laboratory Services so you get a customized adhesive that is exactly what you need for your unique adhesive application.
  • We are a reliable resource for your company’s adhesives needs.

Our Business Philosophy

We recognize these four key responsibilities:

  1. Serve Our Customers
  2. The Well-being of the Employee
  3. Profit
  4. A Percentage of Profit and/or Time and Talent Shall Be Given Back to the Community

Philosophy inspired by Elmer L Anderson, Former Governor of Minnesota and Former President & CEO of HB Fuller Company.