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industrial uses for adhesive

Hot melt adhesives, or hot glue as it is commonly referred to, has been known to be extremely helpful and useful in the industrial world. Typically, hot melt adhesives are melted in a hot glue gun or bulk applicator and then applied in molten state. Once applied to the substrate being bonded, the adhesive cools and sets quickly thus holding the pieces together. The hot glue is extremely hot (250°F = 400°F)to the point that the glue, if put in contact with skin, will cause it to blister and burn. Hotmelt glue is of course helpful with home arts and crafts projects. However, it is used more often than one would think when dealing with industrial projects. Here are three typical uses for hot melt adhesives in the industrial world.


The packaging industry is well known for utilizing many different types of adhesives. The general public knows that packing tape is a large part of the industry. However, most people do not know about the adhesives used to create labels or seal packages. Many labels are required to stick to packages and withstand the elements. Hot melt adhesives are a perfect solution to help keep the labels in place and maintain the professional and artistic quality that is needed. Also, when sealing packages, it needs to be sealed to keep the elements out and the contents safe. While it is often not easy to open packages sealed with hot melt adhesives, it is still the best method for securing packages. The packages are not impossible to open, and the contents remain safe until they arrive at their destination.


Books, whether hardcover or paperback, require binding to hold everything together. This binding has to be pliable and sturdy. Unless it is a small children’s book of fewer than 20 pages, staples are not the answer. Moreover, as it turns out, hot melt adhesives make a wonderful bookbinding tool. The hot melt adhesives are durable as well as flexible, making the reader’s experience as enjoyable as possible.


Every parent who has ever used disposable diapers has been beyond grateful for the diaper’s ability to keep the mess in place for the most part and in most situations. However, many of us do not think of how it is possible—we are just grateful it is. Hot melt adhesives make this little miracle possible. They connect the absorbent material to the back of the diaper and also provide a stick for the tabs to adhere to the diaper itself and keep it all in place. Without the hot melt adhesive, the diapers would fall apart and easily come off, releasing all of its glorious contents— it’s best we ‘stick’ with hot melt adhesives on this one!

These are just some of the uses for hot melt adhesives in the industrial world. The list goes on for miles. However, the most common thread of these uses have is the necessity for a strong hold that is also bendable. Moreover, hot melt adhesives do just that. Because of the heat needed for hot melt adhesives, the glue creates a similar hold as rubber cement does while allowing for flexibility… even after it is dry.

If you want to know more about hot melt adhesives and how it can help your application, contact American Chemical Adhesives & Sealants. Our team of knowledgeable experts can answer your questions and help you solve on your adhesive needs.