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industrial adhesive uses

Items are made and sold daily for consumer use. Whether it be envelopes, a birdhouse, a ceramic gingerbread house, or even a book, the average person buys the product and never really considers what it takes to make that product. However, there are numerous industries involved in crafting just one consumable product. The wood industry, the paper industry, and even the glue industry employ workers in numerous capacities to manufacture everyday products we find in our homes, offices, and even schools. Adhesives alone make up a larger portion of the industrial manufacturing process than we could even imagine. Here are a few uses for industrial adhesives that we often do not think about when we’re out and about.

Paper Products

Think about that envelope that you just used to send a birthday card to mom. The part of the envelope that was licked for sealing is an industrial adhesive. How about that book that you finished reading? The binding of the book is also held together by industrial adhesive. Even the packaging surrounding a ream of paper is closed with industrial adhesives. Whether it be labels, envelopes, books, packaging, or laminates, paper products are rampant with industrial adhesives.

Automotive Industry

While nuts and bolts hold together the majority of a vehicle, industrial adhesives are a big part of the automotive industry as well. They can be found in the foam of an automobile, the attachment of cloth to the seats, and even the acrylic protection on the vehicle is a form of industrial adhesive. Use of industrial adhesives in certain areas of a vehicle allow for a sleek design on the outside without excess unsightly hardware.

Furniture and Clothing

Sometimes you will find your furniture has been glued together in places, such as the legs to the kitchen table and chairs are glued in place or the fabric of the couch is glued to the frame. Other times, you may find glue on fabric, such as decorations on hats or even children’s clothing. These items are glued with the use of specialized industrial adhesives. Using the adhesives helps provide the finished product with a finished look for a lesser cost than additional sewing or stitching.

Woodworking and Other Projects

One of the most obvious places industrial glue is used is woodworking and ceramics. Once the wood or ceramic is shaped and designed, pieces need to be put together to form the finished product. Ceramics cannot use nails or screws without cracking the exterior, and wood may lose its integrity if pieced together with hardware. Therefore, the alternative of industrial glue provides a beautiful finish without cracks or unsightly metal pieces.

These are just a few examples of the many uses for industrial glue in consumer goods. Typically, industrial glue can be found in almost anything used daily including electronics, carpentry, and mailing and shipping. To learn more about industrial adhesives and how they can help you stay competitive in your industry, contact the experts at American Chemical at 800-245-8348 or check out their website at