Bookbinding Adhesives

American Chemical provides three types of adhesives for use in bookbinding: hot melt, animal glue, and water-based.

  • Product
  • Type
  • Solution
  • Technomelt Q485D
  • EVA
  • Technomelt Q448D is ideally suited as an adhesive for both padding and perfect bookbinding.
  • HM0948
  • EVA
  • HM0948 is another adhesive used for one-shot bookbinding. It bonds well to a variety of difficult to bind cover materials and paper stocks.
  • WB0525
  • Copolymer
  • A general purpose water-based adhesive.
  • HL1280X
  • PSA
  • This product is a light colored, low viscosity, multi purpose pressure sensitive adhesive used to bind non-woven materials.
  • HL7216
  • EVA
  • HL7216 bonds well to a variety of substrates and is used for foam to foam bonding and foam to loft bonding. HL7216 features long open time and high hot tack properties. It provides excellent bonds on memory foam.