Direct Mail Adhesives

The direct mail industry uses adhesives to bond mailing components for secure delivery, but requires components to separate easily at their destination. Paper-to-paper fugitive adhesives are ideal for these applications, and eliminate the use of wafer seals, staples and tapes. The adhesive is easily removable and will not tear paper or remove ink.

The direct mail adhesives we carry range from temporary bond to permanent bonds.

  • Product
  • Type
  • Solution
  • Glue Dots
  • Fugitive
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive dots, easy and clean method for bonding just about any two substrates. Available as removable or permanent pressure sensitive adhesive dots. Packaged on a roll of release paper for easy application.
  • WB0800
  • Latex
  • This natural rubber latex adhesive is self-sealing with excellent tack. Available for spray or roller application.
  • Advantra® PHC9255
  • A clear, light colored, slower setting packaging hot melt designed for bonding difficult substrates and packaging applications.
  • HL2198X
  • Fugitve
  • This product is clear, removable, low-residue and low- staining. This pressure sensitive fugitive adhesive has excellent machinability.