Fugitive Adhesives

Fugitive adhesives are available in the form of pressure sensitive, hot melt or water-based. Also called credit card glue or booger glue, fugitive adhesives are frequently used in marketing. These low-tack adhesives produce a temporary bond between two substrates, such as paper and plastic, which releases without fiber tear. From direct mail and tipping to bookbinding and fulfillment, our offering of fugitive adhesives fit a wide variety of applications.

  • Product
  • Type
  • Solution
  • WB12697
  • Latex
  • A high viscosity seal latex adhesive used for a variety of laminating applications.
  • WB0800
  • Latex
  • This natural rubber latex adhesive is self-sealing with excellent tack. Available for spray or roller application.
  • H5265
  • Fugitive
  • A low staining pressure sensitive adhesive, with a peelable bond and offers excellent machinability..
  • HL2198X
  • Fugitve
  • This product is clear, removable, low-residue and low- staining. This pressure sensitive fugitive adhesive has excellent machinability.