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FE7004 General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive

HB Fuller Resiweld FE7004 General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive

Available from American Chemical

This translucent, amber in appearance, is a versitle 2 part epoxy adhesive, that can be used for bonding in numurous applications; Including metal, rigid plastics, concrete, rubber, wood, ceramics and most other fabrication materials. FE7004 Epoxy performs with high shear strength and has good chemical and water resistance to most substrates.

Can be used for both flexible and rigid bonding depending on ratio mixed.1:1.5 for flexible bond 1:1 ratio for semi rigid bond and 2:1 ratio for rigid bonding.

This product can be used for the following government specification numbers:
WS 3490, WS 17351, WS 11539, MIS 20163, WS 11540

NSN Number for this product 8040-00-062-4173

Available in 2 part; quarts, gallons, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon

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