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Melt O Clean (Technomelt® 3030)

Looking for a heavy-duty cleaner that is hard on grime but easy on your employees? We have a solution!

Introducing Melt O Clean, now available from American Chemical. Melt O Clean—also known as Technomelt® 3030—is a non-hazardous cold cleaning agent designed to remove residual adhesive, heavy grease and grime on machinery and other industrial surfaces.

What is Melt O Clean?Technomelt PUR 303, formerly Melt O Clean

Melt O Clean (Technomelt® 3030) is an organic cleaner with a pleasant, orange-citrus scent. Being comprised of all natural materials means Melt O Clean is environmentally friendly as well as better for you and your employee’s health. Additionally, Technomelt is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in food for human consumption (21CFR182.20 and 182.60).

How is Melt O Clean Used?

Melt O Clean is effective in removing heavy grease and grime from a variety of surfaces, it can be used for cleaning machine surfaces, application units and general machinery in multiple industries. From glue guns to nozzles and machine parts, Technomelt 3030 allows for powerful and careful cleaning of hard to clean surfaces.

Why Melt O Clean?

Many manufacturers benefit from Melt O Clean’s cleaning power, including but not limited to those in the printing and graphic arts, foam fabricating and adhesive bottle labeling. Technomelt’s versatility allows it to be used for cleaning surfaces ranging from concrete to carpet to cars.

Most manufacturers believe that tough cleaning tasks require tough cleaning agents. The truth is, harsh chemicals can cause harm to your employees and the environment, often without the edge in the actual cleaning process. Choosing a cleaning agent that does not have strong chemicals, like Melt O Clean, protects your site and workers from the side effects of harsh chemicals.

Using Melt O Clean can also save you money. If you think that because Technomelt 3030 is made from organic materials and that it must be expensive, think again. Melt O Clean is economically priced and available multiple sizes to fit your application needs.

Make the switch to Melt O Clean today, and see the difference that an organic, non-toxic cleaner can make on your machinery and your bottom line.

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