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Invisible Solution. Visible Results.

Glue Dots® industrial pressure sensitive adhesive products provide a clean, instant bond with no mess, residue or odor, making them a preferred alternative to hot melts, liquid glues and double-sided tapes. Glue Dots® pressure sensitive, double-sided adhesive patterns provide a clean, instant bond with zero cure time, less waste and safer application without requiring heat. Glue Dots leave no residue or odor and increases productivity while reducing costs.

Glue Dots are available in a variety of pattern, tack levels and profiles, which can be applied with manual, semi-automated or fully-automated adhesive application equipment.

Bond strength, which ranges from removable to permanent, is substrate dependent. Let us help you determine the right product for your application and provide product samples for testing.

Dot Shot Pro

Dot Shot Pro – $50.35

Apply Glue Dots quickly, cleanly and precisely with the portable, handheld Dot Shot Pro. The Dot Shot Pro dispenses one or more Glue Dots Adhesive Patterns at a time and can accommodate a multitude of custom patterns including MatrX.

The Dot Shot Pro is:

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Safer than hot glue guns
  • Engineered for repetitive use

Quick Dot Pro Applicator – $29.99

QuikDot Pro Adhesives are available in two formulas (QDP-7100 and QDP-8100) engineered specifically for paperboard and corrugate food and beverage packaging repair. The adhesive shape and pattern spacing are engineered to provide optimal coverage while eliminating waste. The invisible bond protects brand integrity with a dependable seal that is virtually invisible to consumers.

Product Highlights:

  • Invisible Bond Protects Brand Integrity
  • Clean, Instant, Secure Bond
  • Refillable Design
  • Rugged Construction
  • FDA Compliant adhesive
Quik-Dot Pro
Glue Dots Dispenser Box

Glue Dots Dispenser Box – $40.40

Standard Glue Dots Dispenser Box products are available in up to 4,000 count rolls and are offered in a range of patterns, tack levels and profiles. Dispenser boxes allow for easy hand application and storage.

Standard Glue Dots dispenser boxed products are offered in:

  • 1/4” or 1/2” diameters
  • Low, medium, high or super high tack levels
  • Low, medium or high profile

Glue Dots Provide Increased Productivity and Safety

To learn how Glue Dots can help with your application or for more information about the full line of Glue Dots products, please fill out the inquiry form below.

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