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American Chemical Adhesive Laboratory

We understand the frustration that comes along with searching for an adhesive for a unique application, and that’s why we created the American Chemical Adhesive Laboratory.

Our expert adhesive specialists test and customize adhesives to give you the answers you need for your project. Will this adhesive hold? Under what conditions? For how long? These are the questions we answer through proven testing processes and procedures.

Our laboratory specialists provide our customers with services they will not find anywhere else!

  • Test Samples: Our chemists will test any product for you right in our lab. We understand the importance of speed to market for your product ideas and reducing development costs.
  • Contract Manufacturing: No job is too small or complex. Our team is ready to deliver your adhesive product based on your distinct specifications.
  • Adhesive Experts: We’ve made it a point not to sell anything BUT adhesives and glues, so you can trust that we know what we are doing and that we will deliver you an exceptional custom adhesive.

Meet Our Adhesive Specialist:

“I am not the expert on everything, but I like finding and solving customers problems.”

American Chemical founder and owner, Dennis Werneke, is our dedicated adhesive specialist. Dennis has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and business marketing. Prior to starting American Chemical in 1987, Dennis worked with H.B. Fuller for ten years, and before that, he worked for Orbital ATK/Honeywell for five years.

How We Can Help You

There have been many instances where a customer needs help with a production application. Here are some common issues we deal with:

  1. Finding the right type of adhesive for the customer’s application.
  2. Does the product have the proper cold or heat resistance or does it need to meet special environmental conditions?
  3. Finding the right viscosity that works best for the customer application.
  4. Proper drying time or speed of set so the customer can increase their production efficiency.
  5. Some customers are looking for a better cost.