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HL8130 XZP, 31 LB Case

$ 75.02

HL8130 XZP, 31 LB Case


HL8130 XZP, 31 LB Case

Samples available upon request

Suggested Use: Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive used for non-woven bonding and for various bookbinding applications; including tight-backing and as a joint or headband adhesive

Specific Gravity: 1.01
Gardner Color: 4
Viscosity @250°F: 18,900 cPs
Viscosity @275°F: 9150 cps
Viscosity @300°F: 6000 cps
Viscosity @325°F: 2875 cps
Viscosity @350°F: 1815 cps


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Weight 31 lbs