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Does Having Our Own Adhesives Laboratory Make Us Unique?

You bet it does! And here’s why…

You want results. At American Chemical, we set ourselves apart by delivering a resource that solves your adhesive quality issues quickly and cost effectively. American Chemical Adhesives Laboratory provides precision and versatility to test and measure adhesive properties based on your unique application.

  • American Chemical created our own laboratory manned by adhesive specialists so we can test and customize adhesives for your special projects. Will it hold? Under what conditions? For how long? These are the questions we answer through proven testing processes and procedures.
  • We can supply you with test samples. In fact, our chemists will test any product for you right in our lab. After all, we understand the importance of speed to market for your product ideas and reducing development costs.
  • American Chemical can do contract manufacturing for you too. No job is too small or complex. Our team is ready to deliver what you need to your specifications.
  • We’ve made it a point not to sell anything BUT adhesives and glues, because we know you want to buy from an expert, not a catalog clerk or order taker.

Tap into the resources of our adhesives specialists to troubleshoot, solve product problems or simply give you peace of mind. Find out what American Chemical can do for you today!