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WBH-0401 Flex Glue

When you need an adhesive that is strong yet flexible,
you need Flex Glue.

Flex Glue is a clear, flexible glue which bonds many porous and non-porous scenic materials including fabric, wood, and foam.

What is Flex Glue?

Flex Glue, also known as “WBH-0401 Flex Glue,” is a water-based adhesive that dries to a clear, hard, yet pliable coating in approximately 1 hour. Because it dries clear and does not suffer from the “tackiness” common in many other flexible glues, Flex Glue is ideal for clear coating fabrics. Additionally, it is easy to create colored coatings by adding tints or dry pigments to this water-based adhesive.

How is Flex Glue Used?

Flex Glue is commonly used in the theater industry by prop builders and costumers because it remains flexible after it dries. That’s right – it never hardens! Unlike PVA “white” glues which crack and break when flexed, the adhesive bond of WBH-0401 Flex Glue remains extremely pliable and strong even as the materials bend.

While this product is technically a “glue” it does have more uses beyond its primary adhesive properties. It can be used as…

  • A paint binder to meld together dry pigments into a custom color.
  • A texturing agent by adding texturing compounds.
  • An embedding medium when spread on thick, allowing small items to be pressed into various surfaces.
  • A coating material to give flexible stability to materials for manipulation.

The product’s versatility makes it an ideal compound to have on hand for any number of applications – and, although Flex Glue is packaged specifically for the theater industry, it can be used for any application where a “white” glue with flexibility is needed.

We sell the product in 5 gallon pails which makes application to large areas a breeze.
For smaller applications, we recommend transfer to appropriate sized containers.

Nutcracker using flex glue
Flex Glue used to bond porous elements (fabrics) together
Man using flex glue
Base float
Woman using flex glue
Figurine with base coat of tinted Flex Glue
Puppet using flex glue
Finished figurine
Bug using flex glue
Flex Glue being applied to a foam figurine
Dog using flex glue
Foam structure before
gingerbread house using flex glue
Flex Glue used to apply texture (glitter elements) to structured form
flex glue
Pails of Flex Glue
Flex Glue used to adhere decorations to painted foam figurines

Whenever you need an adhesive with flexibility and versatility,
make sure you have Flex Glue on hand!

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